Individual Portrait


    Clothing choices should complement both your figure and your complexion. Large, bright patterns can make you appear larger and distract from your face. Avoid colors that are close to your complexion tone. Deeper toned colors will draw attention to your face and are also slenderizing. Bring several outfits with you, both casual and dressy. Avoid short sleeved shirts and large bright prints. We will take a break for touchups, clothing changes and a light refreshment. This is a fun and exciting time. I want you to feel comfortable, confident and relaxed during your session. Please call me with any questions that you may have prior to your session.

Hair, nails, makeup and jewelry

    Ladies, wear your makeup as you normally would and avoid glittery powders and dark lipstick. If you would like a new look, have your hair and makeup done before the day of your session and make sure that you are happy with the results. Pack a hair brush and extra makeup. Beautiful jewelry adds to a portrait but avoid large bulky earrings and necklaces as it will take away from your face.

    Gentlemen should have their hair cut one week prior to the session. Nails cleaned and filed. Hands are often seen in these portraits. Sometimes the face can appear oily and cause an unflattering shine in a photograph. I prefer to use a very subtle powder that absorbs the oil. If you tend to have a beard shadow by mid-day, schedule your session in the morning when you are clean shaven or shave one hour before the session. Beard shadows show in a photograph and cannot be digitally removed. Be aware of your shoes. They will show in a full length portrait. Bring lip balm.

    Eye glasses that turn dark in the sun can create problems with studio lights. If at all possible bring glasses that are not light sensitive. Please call me in advance if you do not have regular lenses.


Do you have a hobby? It can be interesting to include items that are important to you: family jewelry, treasured items from a loved one, something that defines who you are.

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