Child portrait photography session planning in Monroe, LA.

What to Wear

It’s all about capturing the personality of your child. Keep clothing comfortable and easy to move in. Bring 2 changes of clothing, casual and dressy.

Coordinate your children’s outfits in varying tones of the same color. They do not have to match. Timeless styles last a lifetime. Avoid trendy outfits. Make sure that your clothing choices won’t look too dated by next year.

When shooting on location, I love to see movement in clothing and accessories. Dresses that twirl accentuate the movement of a dancing child. Accessories can really enhance a portrait. Hats are great props if your child will wear one.

Textures add detail and depth to an image. Subtle patterns in a shirt or dress, fun little boots, scarfs, lace and ruffles add interest to the overall portrait. Flowers held in a little hand or put in the hair are always beautiful. Does your child have a favorite toy, doll or blanket?

Bare feet are  precious. In contrast, a fun or bold choice in shoes can add color and personality unique to your child. Stay away from bells and flashing lights on shoes. We don’t want anything to distract from that sweet face.

Above all, don’t force your child to wear something that she/he is uncomfortable in. Grouchy kids generally do not pose well for portraits.

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