Newborn Session Information

Portrait sessions can be stressful on moms.  Babies have their own schedule. The session is tailored around the needs of your baby.  Don’t worry!  We take breaks for snacks, baby feeding and diaper changes as need .

If you wish to include a sibling it is best to start with them. Please have a caregiver on hand and ready to entertain your older child so that we can get the new born back to sleep.

What to Bring

Pack extra bottles of formula and extra diapers. Baby will be naked or wrapped in soft blankets for most of the session. Pack a comfortable change of clothes for your older child. Bring a few snacks or a favorite drink for older babies and children.

What to Wear

Preparation is the key to an enjoyable new born session. Plan clothing choices before your baby is born. Making these decisions after the baby is home can be overwhelming and stressful. Babies are perfect just the way they are. I generally like to keep it simple but there are no rules here. Please feel free to bring extra items like that adorable hat or tutu. Choose simple designs and avoid overly bright colors and patterns. Shoes are optional. Personally, I love those little feet without socks and shoes.

Mom, don’t worry, there are many ways to camouflage your post baby figure. Wear a comfortable fitting dress with a flattering neckline or a pretty blouse and long skirt in a soft neutral or off white color. Black also works well. If you are not sure about your clothing choices, call me and I will come over and help with your selections. I want you to feel confident and know that your choices will look fabulous.

Dad, a casual shirt and khaki pants look great. A black or white tee shirt with jeans also works well as an additional choice.

Hair, makeup, jewelry

Mom, wear your hair and makeup as you normally would. Avoid makeup with glitter. Bring a hairbrush and extra makeup to the session for touchups. Nails should have clear or neutral color polish. A French manicure looks great if you can find the time. Avoid wearing large earrings and bulky jewelry. It can be distracting and remember that you baby is the star of this production.

Dad, have your hair cut one week prior to the session. Make sure that your nails are cleaned and filed. Your hands will be seen in some of the images. If you tend to have a beard shadow by mid-day, schedule your session in the morning when you are clean shaven or shave an hour before the session. Beard shadows will show in a photograph and cannot be digitally removed. Bring lip balm.


Does your baby have special items like blankets, a favorite toy or stuffed animal, perhaps a favorite teddy that you saved from your childhood or a quilt inherited from your grandmother? Is there a family heirloom or a piece of jewelry that we can incorporate? These additions can add to the beauty and sentimental value of your portrait.

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